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22 September, 8 pm
Franciscan Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Trakų g. 9/1, Vilnius

Oratio Dominica
Cyprian Bazylik and the Roots of the Evangelical Hymnody

Project director Bartosz Izbicki (Poland)

Jerycho (Poland)
GŠ Ansamblis (Lithuania)
Morgaine (Germany, Lithuania, Poland)

A leading artistic figure of the Polish Renaissance, Cyprian Bazylik (c. 1535–c. 1600) was one of the intellectuals who worked at the Brasta printing house, before leaving Lithuania in 1566 due to persecution as a dissenter and proponent of the Reformation. This printing house – founded by the Chancellor of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Mikołaj Krzysztof Radziwiłł ‘the Black’ – was the first in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania to use the Latin font.
Bazylik’s musical creation was released in the late 1550s and it is well known to musicologists and performers. In our festival we present this project, which has incorporated texts in Lithuanian, found in 16th- and 17th-century translations of hymns published in hymnals including Merkel Petkevičius’ Polski z Litewskim Katechizm (Vilnius, 1598) and Steponas Jaugelis-Telega’s Book of Devotion (Kėdainiai, 1653).
This project, which involves performers from Lithuania and Poland, presents this great musical legacy in the ancient languages of both countries, as a reminder of the cultural openness for which the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was once renowned.

This program is supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture

* Here you can download the concert programme.

Free admission to the concert, prior reservation is necessary

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