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banchetto musicale

23-26 September
St. Francis of Assisi (Bernardine) Roman Catholic Church, Maironio g. 10, Vilnius

Bringing early music to life
Singing workshop, dir. Bartosz Izbicki (Poland)

Two main witnesses exist to the music of the past. The first is musical notation, usually regarded as the most ‘authentic’ source – particularly older forms. Our second witness is the ‘living tradition’. In the field of sacred music, this is the practice of church singing, and the preservation of music through oral transmission, usually in villages. In this workshop, we will bring together both notation and the living tradition, to reveal the vitality of early music.
During this workshop, we will perform early music from both original notation and modern transcriptions, using tools given to us by studying the tradition of chant. In doing so, we hope to combine fidelity to the sources with the vitality of traditional singing.
From the living tradition, we will explore the Officium Parvum de BMV, still practised in Poland and Lithuania, as well as popular Marian chants. From the ‘early music’ side, we will examine polyphonic hymns composed by Diomedes Cato, as well as various pieces connected with Vilnius. We will also look into the works of Sigismundus Lauxmin.

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