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banchetto musicale

17 September, 8 pm
Franciscan Monastery Church, Trakų g. 9/1, Vilnius

Vox nostra
The art of medieval polyphony

Jerycho (Poland)

In the Middle Ages, unprecedented developments of polyphonic chant were born. Simple two-part-forms, derived from the improvised oral practice, were quickly followed by organum: melismatic, epic pieces, characteristic to the solemn liturgy. In Codex Calixtinus we witness for the first time the notation of a three-part-piece. Polyphonic singing spread throughout Europe, without being solely designated to the solemn liturgy, and the polytextual motet, perhaps the most interesting musical phenomenon of those times, rose to excellence. In the Late Middle Ages of Central and Eastern Europe, different genres emerged, like motets influenced by folk music which became more elementary, resulting in distinct and very effective musical miniatures. Ensemble JERYCHO is one of the accomplished ensembles of today who enlivens the Academic singing practice by re-creating the monumental singing practice full of clarity, emotion and vitality of the lost era.

The concert is free of charge

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